Emergency Response is a Branch of Central Command responsible for deploying to and managing all hazards emergencies for the C.A.A.  In addition to staffing their own personnel, Emergency Response also oversees several C.A.A. Programs and units, such as CERT, RRT, and IMOS.

Central Aid Agency CERT is a FEMA Community Emergency Response Team program whose goal is to better prepare the community and the general public to respond to all hazard incidents. The program serves the Junction City and greater Lane County areas and also works with other CERT programs operating in the area.
The Incident Management and Operational Support unit (IMOS) (Central Command 2nd Battalion) is a unit that is deployed to incident scenes to provide communications, management, and logistics capability/support for emergency response units operating in the field.
The Sector 2 Rapid Response Team (RRT) is a field emergency response unit that is deployed in conjunction with CERT teams as a local Sector-based quick response entity.  The unit trains with local CERT programs and other emergency response agencies, and is equipped to act as support for professional responders or operate autonomously.

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