Security Operations Squad 1

"To provide professional, effective, and accountable security, safety, and enforcement services for the Central Aid Agency and its partners."


United Security Operations Squad 1 is primarily an in-house security unit for the C.A.A. and its partner organizations.  However the unit does offer limited special contract and event type security services.


Event Security personnel are designated by vests with "Security" on them but they are not certified and cannot intervene in situations or take any enforcement action.  Event security staff must be supervised by a certified Security Agent with a ratio of ten staff to every one certified Security Agent.

Unarmed Security Agents are fully trained and certified but do not carry firearms.  They are trained how to respond to and mitigate incidents, and take enforcement action.  Unarmed Security Agents may be equipped with tools necessary to do their jobs such as handcuffs, pepper spray, and batons.

Armed Security Agents receive the same training in incident response, mitigation, and enforcement as unarmed Security Agents; except they are additionally qualified to carry firearms along with other security tools.  Armed Security Agents must face strict standards and selection, and are highly vetted before being certified to be armed

Plainclothes Security Agents can be armed or unarmed and perform their duties in professional attire, or attire suited to the job site.  Plainclothes agents have the same training and capability as uniformed agents.

United Security Operations maintains a Cadet unit.  Cadets are youth aged 14-21 who are interested in learning about becoming a Security Agent through first hand practical experience.  Cadets are volunteers and do not directly engage in any confrontational enforcement action, but do assist certified Security Agents and help support USO operations.  Cadets are typically not DPSST certified unless they are over 18 years of age.


United Security Operations was created to fill the need for professional, highly trained, in-house security services for the Central Aid Agency.  We have since expanded our services to include partner agencies and limited contract work.  The unit is fully licensed through the Central Aid Agency with the Oregon Department of Public Safety Standards and Training (DPSST) as a security provider.  All of our Security Agents are background checked and DPSST certified.

 Professionalism, accountability, and competence are paramount and our commitment to these principles defines the expectations each USO Security

Agent is held to.

Training is of great importance to us and is critical for maintaining high standards.  USO Security Agents are trained to the fullest extent of the law and governed by internal policies. Agents receive comprehensive training that includes state licensure, law and policy, practical skills, CPR, patrol procedures, and emergency response. Additionally, Security Agents attend ongoing training to maintain their certifications and skills. Agents who specialize in certain areas must receive training specific to that area or discipline.  All USO agents are trained to the NIMS/Incident Command System (ICS) standards appropriate for their role or assignment.

USO primarily services facilities owned or operated by the Central Aid Agency and its partner organizations.  USO operates mainly in the Eugene/
Springfield Metro area as well as the greater Lane County area.

Within the C.A.A. USO has Type 3 Hygiene Requirements.


SSgt. Liz Clark


United Security Operations


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Event Staff do not hold security certifications, but must be supervised by a certified Security Agent at a rate of 10 to 1.

Presence / Minor Enforcement - Security Agents are fully trained, but they primarily serve an observe-and-report function.  They may take minor enforcement action if contracted to do so, but mostly only get involved in an emergency.

Full Enforcement - Security Agents take an active role in enforcement and engage in proactive patrol activities.  They can respond to and resolve incidents.

Full Enforcement (High Risk) - Security Agents take an active role in enforcement and engage in proactive patrol activities.  They can respond to and resolve high-risk incidents.

USO will also provide security services as a fundraiser or volunteer opportunity for certain qualifying events.

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