Jesus - Others - Yourself

Mission Statement:

The purpose of the Central Aid Agency is to serve Christ and the community, both locally and abroad.


Core Values


We make no discrimination as to who we serve based on nationality, race, gender, sexual orientation, religious beliefs, class, political perspective, or otherwise.  However we do not encourage or facilitate sinful behavior; rather, we encourage and facilitate people.


In order to continue to enjoy the confidence of all, the Central Aid Agency has made a commitment not to take sides in hostilities, endorse a political viewpoint or opinion, or engage in product endorsements or political activities; unless directly related to our mission.


The Central Aid Agency is an independent organization. Though we value partnerships, and we recognize and respect the rule of law within the respective nations that we operate, we maintain autonomy and independence so that we are able at all times to act in accordance with C.A.A. principles and the Will of God.


The core of the Central Aid Agency is our commitment to serve.  To accomplish this goal with the most effectiveness we are not motivated by compensation, but rather our duty to serve others.


The Central Aid Agency is a Christian organization and based on the Christian Faith.  We believe that the best way to share our Faith is to demonstrate it through action and service.


The Central Aid Agency strives to not only be a participant in the fields we serve in, but a leader as well.  We are constantly seeking ways to innovate and improve our level of service and capability.  By that same token, personnel development and leadership training within our organization is critical to our mission. 

What we're all about

We are Christians with a cause who stand for God, and stand for good.  We believe that by being a positive force for good in the world we can be a better representation of Christianity and spread the faith through actions rather than just through words, as such we consider what we do "applied ministry".

It is our belief and our goal that in order to have an impact on the world we need to be out in it serving others, doing good, and living out our faith every single day.  We want to show people what Christianity is all about and why a relationship with Jesus is such a wonderful thing.

To accomplish this goal we seek to go out into the world, serving both on a local and global scale.  Our organization is structured around this principle.

Our Organization


The Central Aid Agency Christian Service Army (Central Aid Agency, or just C.A.A. for short) is a structured Christian service and registered 501(c)(3) non-profit organization.  We follow a unique operating structure tailored to meet the specific needs of our mission.  We also utilize a ranking system for our personnel, and we wear uniforms.  The uniforms we wear depend on what we're doing.  Our organization is made up of designated commands, branches, programs, and units that each focus on specific aspects of our overall mission.

Central Aid Agency



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