The C.A.A. is a volunteer non profit organization, we rely entirely on volunteers who donate their precious time and abilities to making our dream become a reality.  We also depend entirely on donations and fundraisers to pay for all our necessary expenditures related to our various operations.  Without these gifts of time and money, the Central Aid Agency would not exist.

Want to get involved?

  We are always looking for new people who want to help us achieve our goals with this organization.  We need people who are motivated and active and who want to make a change in this world.  The donation of your time to this organization is the biggest gift you can give.  Anyone can join as long as they meet the requirements laid out in our Eligibility Guidelines if you do meet these requirements then you are eligible to join up at any time.

   Joining up is easy and only costs $50.  All you have to do is fill out our membership contract form and attach the $50 one time fee to cover the cost of apparel and you're in!  Membership includes access to all our active units and groups, a set of C.A.A. regulation T-shirts, chest insignia, and so much more.   

    Can't make it to meetings?  That's okay too, through our Free Agent Program people the world over can join as full members of the C.A.A. even if they don't live close enough to one of our Sectors to attend the bimonthly meetings and activities.

    Can't join but you still want to support our cause?  Then you might want to consider making a Financial Donation, we are always in need of funds to help make our operations and activities a reality.  All donations are tax deductible and greatly appreciated, thank you!

Not sure you want to join but still want to check us out?

That's okay too!  Our Sector Meetings and Service Projects are open to everyone, you don't even have to be a member (Just get permission to attend), so come check us out any time!

Benefits of joining the C.A.A.

   There are many benefits of joining the Central Aid Agency, far too many in fact to list them all here.  Listed below are just a few of the things you can expect to receive as a member of the C.A.A. 

-2 Field Basic Service Uniform (FBSU) green T-shirt
The basic and most important C.A.A. uniform, these 50% cotton 50% polyester forest green T-shirts have the organization's name printed on the back, and come already with velcro for your ID tapes and rank badge.

-A complete set of ID tapes and a Rank Badge
Four ID tapes and a Rank Badge, velcro-backed ready to be put on your BSU.  All of which is included in your one time apparel fee of $50.

-Personnel only access
Many of our events, outings, and facilities are open only to commissioned members of the C.A.A.  Once you join you too can participate in these activities and go on outings.

-Community service hours
Trying to get service hours for graduating highschool?  The C.A.A. is a non-profit organization, therefore all time spent on official duties count as community service.

Other reasons to join:
-Will improve your resume

-Networking opportunities

-Training opportunities

-Something to do with all that free time 

-Because it's fun

Central Aid Agency



1250 Nyssa St. PO Box 735, Junction City, OR 97448