Directory of Services


-Provides training to the public in disaster preparedness and response.
-Deploys as part of C.A.A. emergency response.
-Holds Basic Training Courses and ongoing training that is open to the public.
-Participates in drills, exercises, and community outreach.

Rapid Response Team

-Responds to disasters and emergencies.
-Oversees the CERT program.
-Meets and trains regularly.
-Participates in drills, exercises, and community outreach.

Emergency Response Support

-Supports emergency response field units.
-Provides radio communication and incident management.
-Can act as a field unit if needed.
-Is a unit of Central Command.

United Security Operations

-Provides security services for the Central Aid Agency and partner agencies.
-Provides special contract security services to outside companies, groups, or individuals.
-Services include armed, unarmed, plain clothes, and event security.
-Is a fully licensed security provider.


-Hold meetings and training.
-Are physical locations where personnel gather.
-Are areas where C.A.A. personnel and units reside when not deployed.
-Serve as the central organization for Civilian Operations.

Training Solutions International

-Provides high quality training services to the public, private companies, and agencies.

-Is a separate, but affiliated company.

-10% of earnings go to the Central Aid Agency.

Community Service

-Primary focus is Community Service.
-Holds meetings at least once a month.  Meetings consist of agenda and either Bible study or training.
-Holds Service Projects or Fundraisers at least once a month.
-Conducts Sector Operations.
-Works with other community events and organizations.
-Is where most personnel start out before being recruited for other units.


The Central Aid Agency is always looking to do fundraisers.  Our unique skills and certifications enable us to provide services as a fundraiser in many different areas, from manual labor to security and event services.  If you're interested in hiring C.A.A. for a fundraiser, please contact us.

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