Sectors are geographical areas where units are assigned. Sectors are designated using numbers in order of creation, and have their own flags that list their number and location. Personnel not otherwise classified or assigned to a unit can be administratively assigned directly to a Sector, they then fall under the Chain of Command of the Sector itself, and any units in the Sector, based on Command / Branch / Program affiliation.

Sector Staff

Sectors are led by Sector Staff, who are made up personnel from units assigned to the Sector

Sector Commander - Approved by the Board of Directors and responsible for overseeing the operations of the Sector.

Vice Sector Commander - The second highest ranking person in the Sector, who is responsible for assisting the Sector Commander, or taking over the operations of the Sector if the Sector Commander is not available.

Sector Quartermaster - Oversees and coordinates equipment and facility needs of the Sector.

Sector Prayer Leader / Chaplain - Leads prayers, assists with faith learning, and helps the spiritual health of the Sector.

Sector Color Guard - Oversees the proper display and usage of flags and insignia related to the Sector and represents the Sector in Honor Guard activities.

Central Aid Agency


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