Directory of Services


-Provides training to the public in disaster preparedness and response.
-Deploys as part of C.A.A. emergency response.
-Holds Basic Training Courses and ongoing training that is open to the public.
-Participates in drills, exercises, and community outreach.

Rapid Response Team

-Responds to disasters and emergencies.
-Oversees the CERT program.
-Meets and trains regularly.
-Participates in drills, exercises, and community outreach.

Emergency Response Support

-Supports emergency response field units.
-Provides radio communication and incident management.
-Can act as a field unit if needed.
-Is a unit of Central Command.

United Security Operations

-Provides security services for the Central Aid Agency and partner agencies.
-Provides special contract security services to outside companies, groups, or individuals.
-Services include armed, unarmed, plain clothes, and event security.
-Is a fully licensed security provider.

Civil Patrol

-Provides special event security and neighborhood watch for C.A.A. affiliated events and locations.
-Is managed by USO but comprised of primarily volunteer members from Civilian Operations.

Training Solutions International

-Provides high quality training services to the public, private companies, and agencies.

-Is a separate, but affiliated company.

-10% of earnings go to the Central Aid Agency.

Civilian Operations

-Primary focus is Community Service.
-Holds meetings at least once a month.  Meetings consist of agenda and either Bible study or training.
-Holds Service Projects or Fundraisers at least once a month.
-Conducts Sector Operations.
-Works with other community events and organizations.
-Is where most personnel start out before being recruited for other Commands.


-Hold meetings and training.
-Are physical locations where personnel gather.
-Are areas where C.A.A. personnel and units reside when not deployed.
-Serve as the central organization for Civilian Operations.


The Central Aid Agency is always looking to do fundraisers.  Our unique skills and certifications enable us to provide services as a fundraiser in many different areas, from manual labor to security and event services.  If you're interested in hiring C.A.A. for a fundraiser, please contact us.

"Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world.  Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has"

-Margaret Mead, American anthropologist